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With blood the color of red, white and blue running through his veins, Adrian Reilly has dedicated his life to the U.S. Army and the brotherhood forged in the heat of its Special Forces division. But when his third Black Ops mission goes wrong and two teammates die under his command, no one believes his accusation that they were set up by the CIA Deputy Director for Counterintelligence, Charlie O'Donnell.

Choices is a prequel to Contingencies, the first of a series that will put Reilly on the path to the most critical mission of his life. If you would like a free copy, simply enter your email adress. 

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Published October 11, 2016

Set in today's world where military missions change direction faster than the financial markets on Wall Street, Army Ranger and Special Forces soldier Staff Sergeant Adrian Reilly has selflessly served his country and its agenda du jour until the black and white of life lived under a chain of command becomes blurred by the infinite shades of grey found in covert ops.

Wrongfully discharged, Reilly is secretly recalled by the CIA director to bring him definitive proof that its Deputy Director for Counter-intelligence, Charlie O'Donnell, is the traitor Reilly had claimed him to be. To clear his name and avenge the deaths of his fallen comrades, Reilly's strength and resolve are tested as he searches for the linchpin to an intricate web of lies but his ability to battle any contingency cannot fully prepare him for the depth of O'Donnell's conspiracies, who the man holds in death's grip, or the love that may ultimately be sacrificed in order to stop a madman's vengeful quest to destroy them all.

Awarded 5 stars by Readers' Favorite Book Reviews.


November 2017

With the horrors of a murderous assassin and plot to throw the world into political and religious chaos behind them, former Special Operations soldier Adrian Reilly and his partner Daniella St. Sauveur have found comfort in their lives and each other but O'Donnell's reach beyond the grave has no limits. The millions he reaped as a traitor and immorally hid in Dani's name have been delivered to the IRS and FBI by a confidential informant and Dani is arrested for conspiracy and money laundering, and labeled a traitor. With both agencies digging in her past and the CIA not willing to pull her into their protection, Dani must depend on her former lover and FBI attorney, Robert Callahan, to keep her out of jail for the rest of her life. Who betrayed them is only part of the looming question as past vendettas manifest from shadows and Reilly recognizes that only could he lose Dani to the justice system for something she did not do, but to her lawyer.

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October 11, 2022

When a rogue CIA agent with a hidden agenda goes missing, Reilly is pulled back into a world of secrets and misdirection. To find the truth and stop a madman from controlling the illegal drug and weapons trade through the Americas, Reilly compromises not only the vows he's made and the safety of those he loves but the safety of a child who binds them all.

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